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    Good Morning all
    I am thinking about getting one the Keim Steam Air Pumps but i am wondering on the performance of the air pump.
    who out there is currently using one?
    how well do they pump?

    below is the discription from

    For 1 Scale Steam Locomotives
    Air Compressor
    Fully test operated on steam
    Proportioned model of a 9 Westinghouse air compressor.
    Working pressure range: 50-120 psi.
    Lubrication: 600W steam cylinder oil or equivalent.
    One piece shuttle valve design.

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    These pumps are well made and from what I have seen, run very well.

    However, all pumps using this type of valving on the steam end do NOT like getting shot water instead of steam.

    If you should accidentally fill the steam end with water, you pretty much have to take off a hatch and blow the water out - you cannot just keep up the pressure and expect the water to be expelled...won't happen.

    As long as you are careful about startup, you should be very happy.
    Bill Shields
    Living proof that just about anybody can build a working loco...


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      Great information. Thank you.
      I've one on my engine, a 2-8-0 . . . which I have not yet steamed.


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        I am happy with the feed back i have received,
        Now i just need to wait on Don Orr of locoparts to email me back.
        any one know if he is travaling?

        thanks again


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          I would call, I had to call him twice before I got him. I believe a tornado went through his city or county since i received my order.


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            Thanks for the heads up


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              Kiem Air Pump

              I bought one of Brian's pumps last spring. I have not had one moments trouble out of it. I have two drains on the steam line going to the pump, because the steam line comes off the turrent header on the engineers side. I put a drain on both sides to make sure I have dry steam going to the pump, because of what Bill says. The pump sounds good also, when pumping, wish it was louder, but what do you expect from a small pump. I use it for my air brakes on the loco & tender. I have been very pleased with it. The only problem I had was that I ordered a firemans side pump, as shown in Loco Parts picture. But I was sent a pump for the engineers side.(It was the only one he had at that time, and he did not know the difference then) I called Brian, and he changed ot the parts to make it work on the left side. He was very speedie & gracious to rectify my problem. So I highly reccommend his pump. Darrel Cason 870/536/1229
              Darrel Cason, cbrhs819dc